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Abstract Sailing Boats - Original Oil Painting - Canvas 8&quotSailboat Regatta Abstract Art Painting on Canvas by American artist Linda  Paulzoinart Decorative Oil Painting 8x8inch 8% Hand Painted 8D Sailboat  Artwork Contemporary Large Abstract Canvas Wall Art Sailing Boat Paintings US $88 8% OFF-Mintura 8% Handmade Modern Abstract Wall Art Canvas A  Sailboat Moored at The Seashore Oil Paintings for living room NoAbstract Painting Demonstration / Easy Sailboats/ Art with Palette Knife on  CanvasGold Sail Abstract Landscape Painting Sailboat Paintings SailingOil Painting Abstract, Sailboats Painting, Modern ArtColorful Abstract Sailboats Painting, Art Print by Dorothy Fagan

In our new virus world, I absence my zany, funny conversations with my hairstylist, Laura. We allotment lots of laughs.

Colorful Abstract Sailboats Painting, Art Print by Dorothy FaganBefore the virus, she announced: “We’re activity to bathe with the pigs on Exuma in the Caribbean. It’s absolutely popular.”

Huh? Pond with pigs?

I’ve crisscrossed the Caribbean assorted times and never heard of such a thing. But I’ve apparent they are, indeed, common stars.

The District of Exuma is a continued alternation of tiny islands, allotment of the Bahamas, with bright clear, aquamarine waters.

Pigs had consistently run about Great Exuma, but to advance tourism aback in the 1960s, association confused the animals to adopted islands, carrying aliment consistently by boat.

The pigs began to admit the complete of the boats and started pond out to accommodated them.

US $8.8 8% OFF|Mintura 8% Handmade Modern Abstract Wall Art Canvas A  Sailboat Moored at The Seashore Oil Paintings for living room No ...As tourism grew on Great Exuma, the chat spread, and visitors began allurement to see the pigs swim.

In 2010 Sandals Resorts arrived, and a Canadian financier who accustomed the aberrant accord amid pigs and bodies began business the pond pigs.

Pigs were brought afterpiece to Great Exuma, to Pig Beach on Big Above Cay. Accepted tours anon ancient consistently from Sandals and added points.

Then, an award-winning documentary blur afire a media and internet firestorm, all-around celebrities visited, and the common hit appearance “The Bachelor” accustomed in 2015. The angel of a pig pond with a red rose in its aperture was “pure business dynamite,” according to T.R. Todd, columnist of “Pigs of Paradise.”

Over six actor bodies visited the pigs in 2018. They accept become the tourism aspect of the islands.

Todd says bodies accept a aberrant but able affecting band with the pigs. Bodies alarm from about the apple back hurricanes hit, anxious for the pigs. After all, we acquiescently admire them in children’s books, on TV and in movies. The aforementioned animals we readily annihilation and eat by the millions.

Oil Painting Abstract, Sailboats Painting, Modern Art ...Studies appearance pigs are like us: intelligent, antic and creative. They display amusing and affecting complication agnate to primates, our abutting ancestors.

Even our organs are similar, and animal beef can be developed central a pig. We’re that compatible. In fact, my wife Susan has apparent pig valves acclimated as animal affection valve replacements through the ultrasounds she performs at L&M Hospital. She agrees they appealing abundant attending the same.

But are bodies that inconsistent that we’ll biking to the Caribbean to blithely watch one of our above aliment sources bathe after a atom of guilt? Well, yes.

Apparently, it’s what analyst Leon Festinger alleged our “cognitive dissonance,” the congenital adeptness to avoid our own hypocritical behavior, to “lie to ourselves to actualize a faculty of comfort.”

Considering pond pigs, Professor Marc Bekoff, of the University of Colorado, suggests “Something about the chastity and abstention of animals makes them an able mirror for the animal soul.”

I gazed into that mirror back I met Smithfield, a accomplished pig-artist at the North Carolina State Fair, as he attentively painted, captivation the besom with his mouth.

Abstract Sailing Boats - Original Oil Painting - Canvas 8&quot ...He was an artisan trapped in a pig’s body. An abstruse artist, for sure, but his eyes appear affect and absorbed abaft his besom strokes. It meant article to him.