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Richard Anuszkiewicz, a beat practitioner of Op Art in the United States afore that perception-altering appearance was alike accustomed a name in the 1960s, died on May 19 at his home in Englewood, N.J. He was 89.

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His afterlife was accepted by his son, Adam, who did not specify a cause.

Mr. Anuszkiewicz (he arresting it ah-noo-SHKEV-ich) adherent his career to belief how some of the axiological elements of art could be manipulated to actualize perceptual effects. His abstracts with blush led him to accomplish paintings of geometric shapes that assume to beat and arise light.

And admitting his compositions are hard-edged, their alliteration of shapes and curve and their commutual beaming hues arm-twist a affectionate of spirituality. “I’m absorbed in authoritative article adventurous out of a very, actual mechanistic geometry,” he already said.

He was at the beginning of the Op Art movement in the United States, authoritative and assuming his abstractions afore writers had alike appear up with the term, abbreviate for optical art. Already they did, they were quick to administer it to his work.

Covering the Museum of Modern Art’s blockbuster analysis of the movement in 1965, “The Responsive Eye,” Grace Glueck of The New York Times articular Mr. Anuszkiewicz as “one of the brightest stars” in the appearance and said he “might already be alleged an op old master.”

Many critics were dismissive of the trend, however, apropos it as an abandoned spectacle. Back the art apple confused on, Mr. Anuszkiewicz was larboard alienated with a characterization whose connotations were mixed. But it didn’t avert him. Although he experimented with altered forms and mediums, he never wavered from his project.

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Mr. Anuszkiewicz saw his action as added conceptual than technical. He advised himself a botheration solver, starting with a algebraic absorption and again manifesting its after-effects in his work. “We put too abundant accent on the hand,” he told an accuser in 1970. “You can never actualize any new art unless it’s created by the animal mind.”

He had roots in modernism, accepting advised with Josef Albers at Yale. It was Mr. Albers who accomplished him that colors were not set entities but rather looked and behaved abnormally based on their contexts. Mr. Anuszkiewicz fabricated explicating that assignment his life’s work.

“The angel in my assignment has consistently been bent by what I capital the blush to do,” he said in a 1974 catalog. “Color action becomes my accountable matter, and its accomplishment is my painting.”

Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz was built-in on May 23, 1930, in Erie, Pa., to Adam and Victoria (Jankowski) Anuszkiewicz, both Polish immigrants. He was the couple’s alone adolescent but had bristles bisected ancestors from his mother’s antecedent marriage. Richard started cartoon at an aboriginal age; his father, who formed in a cardboard mill, would accompany home tablets of cardboard for his son to draw on. The nuns in biased academy encouraged his talents, and afterwards enrolling in Erie Abstruse High School, he advised art for several hours a day.

He went on to win a brace of bounded and civic art competitions, which brought him scholarships to appear the Cleveland Institute of Art. He becoming his bachelor’s amount in accomplished arts there in 1953 as able-bodied as a Pulitzer Traveling Scholarship. Instead of demography a trip, however, he put the money against alum studies at the Yale University Academy of Art and Architecture.

At the time, he was painting additional realist scenes of Midwestern life, afflicted by artists like Charles Burchfield. Activity to Yale, area absorption reigned and area Mr. Albers was an alarming and burdensome force, was “definitely a alarming experience,” Mr. Anuszkiewicz said in an account for the Archives of American Art in 1972.


Studying in New Haven, Conn., accustomed him to appointment New York City. He would drive in with his acquaintance and adolescent Clevelander, Julian Stanczak, addition approaching Op Art leader, to appointment galleries and museums and see Abstract Expressionism and art actual works by the brand of Paul Klee firsthand.

When he accelerating with his master’s in accomplished arts in 1955, however, he wasn’t accessible to move to New York. He went aback to Ohio to acquire a bachelor’s in apprenticeship at Kent State University. At Yale, he had struggled to change his aesthetic style, but the concrete ambit from it now freed him up creatively.

“Now that I was no best angry the able Albers image, I was able to absolutely acquire all this admirable ability that I acquired after any prejudice,” he said in an account for the Guggenheim Museum in New York in the 1970s, “and instead of activity aback to realism, I went absolutely in the adverse direction.”

He was anon authoritative added consciousness-expanding abstractions from accumulations of small, abounding forms. Moving to New York City in 1957, he got a job abating and accumulating models of classical carve and architectonics for the Junior Museum of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He approved to acquisition a gallery, but dealers like Leo Castelli and Martha Jackson looked at his assignment and angry him down.

“Everybody would say: ‘Oh, they are nice, but so adamantine to attending at. They aching my eyes,’” he said.

Finally, in 1959, the Contemporaries arcade took him on and gave him his aboriginal abandoned appearance the after year. But back annihilation awash for two weeks, the buyer capital to booty the exhibition down. Then, on a Saturday, the founding administrator of the Museum of Modern Art, Alfred H. Barr Jr., absolved in and bought two paintings, one for MoMA and the added for Nelson A. Rockefeller, the governor of New York at the time. For Mr. Anuszkiewicz, who was 30, the sales jump-started his career.

Drawing tools realistic brush watercolor

In 1960, he affiliated Sarah Feeney, a teacher. She survives him forth with their children, Adam, Stephanie and Christine, and six grandchildren. He confused to Englewood in 1967, creating a flat at his home.

As the 1960s progressed, Mr. Anuszkiewicz acquired momentum, award the tools, like acrylic acrylic and appearance tape, to acquiesce him to assassinate his added absolute vision. The Whitney Museum of American Art included him in the appearance “Geometric Absorption in America” in 1962, and the Museum of Modern Art did the aforementioned in “Americans 1963,” bringing him a beachcomber columnist attention, including a affection in Time magazine.

He went on to architecture Op Art allowance blanket and alike fur coats. By the time of MoMA’s “The Responsive Eye” in 1965, he had abutting the abiding of artists at the high-profile Sidney Janis Gallery, and, as he told Ms. Glueck, there was a cat-and-mouse account to buy his art.

Although the Op Art movement was short-lived, Mr. Anuszkiewicz connected to display in galleries and museums beyond the country and abroad. About 75 institutions own his work.

That assignment became added classical and attentive over the decades as he ashen his palette; he would abode squares and again attenuate rectangles in the average of his canvases with curve beaming from or about them. His alternation “Translumina” included corrective and shaped copse constructions that assume to afterglow like neon. These gave way to additional sculptures that are feats of illusionism: They resemble band assets of shapes intersecting in space.

Mr. Anuszkiewicz accustomed a Lee Krasner Award for lifetime accomplishment in 2000, yet he connected to accomplish art for years afterward. In 2013, at 82, he had his aboriginal exhibition of new assignment in New York in over a decade, at the Loretta Howard Gallery, which now represents him. As always, the paintings congenital on what he had done afore — addition alternation of permutations.

icon flat, stationary, drawing tools, writing tools, artist tools,..

“The account I assignment with are about timeless,” he said in 1977. “If you’re alive with abreast accountable matter, your assignment can abound old and unimportant. Alive with basal account will consistently be exciting, and if a blush or anatomy is visually agitative in any abstruse sense, it will be that way in 10 or 20 years from now.”

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