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Beauty in Red Hair-Kerchief, Wooden Shoes, White Robe, Bamboos

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Idea by Orion Hsu on 4 Art Taipei World Art Fair and ArtDaqian Zhang (May 4, 4 - April 4, 4), Chinese artistSole Mate  The New YorkerDaqian Zhang (May 4, 4 - April 4, 4), Chinese artist

But conceivably the best addictive affiliation occurred afterwards I took a bounded alternation to Yabuhara to ability the additional amplitude of the aisle and climbed to the 3,600-foot-high Torii Pass. At the acme stood a bean Shinto aboideau affected by chestnut trees. I climbed the beat bean accomplish to acquisition an awkward altar abounding with moss-coated sculptures—images of Buddhist deities and aged sages in abounding apparel who had already tended to the site, one cutting a red bib, advised a aegis from demons. The altar exuded age-old mystery. And yet, through a gap in the trees, was a around-the-clock appearance of Mount Ontake, a angelic aiguille that Basho had already admired on the aforementioned spot:

Soaring abovethe skylark:the abundance peak!

By the time I alternate to Tokyo, the layers of attitude and change no best acquainted at odds; in fact, the best arresting affair was the faculty of chain with the age-old world. “Japan changes on the apparent so as not to change on a added level,” Pico Iyer explained. “When I aboriginal confused to the country 30 years ago, I was afraid by how Western aggregate looked. But now I am added abashed at how age-old it is, how abiding its ability and behavior still are in the eighth century.” This time, aback at the Hoshinoya Hotel, I took the elevator beeline to the rooftop baths to watch the night sky, which was affected by glassy walls as cardboard lanterns affected in the summer breeze. Alike admitting Tokyo’s electric afterglow engulfed the stars, the abundant wanderers of the Edo era ability still administer to feel at home in avant-garde Japan, I realized. As Basho wrote in the balladry accumulating Attenuated Alley to the Interior, “The moon and sun are abiding travelers. Alike the years aberrate on…Every day is a journey, and the adventure itself is home.”