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Naughty Dog’s The Aftermost of Us was one of the best amateur of the aftermost decade, so artlessly The Aftermost of Us Part 2 is one of our best advancing amateur of 2020. The action-adventure aftereffect will be one of the aftermost PS4 exclusives afore the PS5 takes centermost date this anniversary season. After a abrupt delay, we now apperceive The Aftermost of Us 2 launches June 19 on PS4. Ahead of the game’s release, you can pre-order a advanced array of merch, including a Aftermost of Us 2-themed PS4 Pro, appropriate archetype DualShock 4 controller, PS4 Gold headset, and abundant more.

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We’ve angled up all of the best The Aftermost of Us Part 2-themed articles you can buy. About bisected of the items you’ll acquisition actuality are limited-edition, and it’s a safe bet that they will become approved collector’s items. If you appetite some of these items, you’ll apparently accept to act fast, abnormally back it comes to the limited-edition PS4 Pro. We’ve already apparent The Aftermost of Us 2’s Ellie Archetype go in and out of banal assorted times, and alike some lower priced editions of TLOU 2 are adamantine to find. For added advice on all of the accessible editions, accomplish abiding to analysis out our The Aftermost of Us Part 2 pre-order guide. We’ve additionally angled up all of The Aftermost of Us Part 2 PS4 accouterments and accessories you can pre-order now.

A new limited-edition PS4 Pro–perhaps the aftermost limited-edition PS4 Pro–is engraved with Ellie’s boom from the bold and appearance a custom matte finish. It additionally comes with a analogous limited-edition DualShock 4 ambassador and a agenda archetype of The Aftermost of Us 2. Unfortunately, the limited-edition array is currently awash out.

For $65, you can pre-order the limited-edition ambassador separately. It additionally appearance Ellie’s boom and the game’s logo imprinted on the touchpad. The ambassador is awash out at assorted retailers, but it’s still accessible to pre-order at Best Buy.

If you’re attractive for a new headset, a limited-edition Gold Wireless Angle is up for pre-order for $100. It appearance blood-soaked red ear cups, and a Animate Atramentous matte accomplishment to bout the animate and ambassador as able-bodied as Ellie’s boom and bold logo.

It’s accessible to run out of adamantine drive amplitude on your PS4, and The Aftermost of Us Part 2 will accomplish that alike easier due to its 100GB-plus size. This The Aftermost of Us 2 limited-edition Seagate alien adamantine drive adds 2TB of accumulator space. Plus, it matches the console, controller, and headset. It’s not up for pre-order yet, but we’ll add pre-order accommodation as anon as they are announced.

The Aftermost of Us Part 2 Ellie Archetype is apparently the best acquirement you can accomplish if you’re attractive for Aftermost of Us 2-themed products. Unfortunately, both after-effects of pre-orders awash out in a amount of minutes. It’s adamantine to apperceive whether we’ll see it at aloft retailers afresh afore launch. Here’s what you get with the Ellie Edition.

The Aftermost of Us Part 2 Collector’s Archetype is the Ellie Archetype after the backpack, vinyl record, and abstract patch. The collector’s archetype is adamantine to appear by, but we’ve apparent it pop up actuality and there, so it’s account blockage the listings beneath aloof in case.

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The $80 Appropriate Archetype of The Aftermost of Us Part II comes with the 48-page mini art book from Dark Horse, a collectible steelbook case, PS4 activating theme, and six PSN avatars. We brainstorm the art book and steelbook case will become collector’s items. The Appropriate Archetype gives you a way to get a brace of air-conditioned pieces of The Aftermost of Us 2 merch after spending three times as abundant on your archetype of the game. The Appropriate Archetype is in banal at Best Buy.

The Art of The Aftermost of Us Part 2 will accommodate both a abundance accession of aboriginal abstraction art and insights from the development aggregation on the action of bringing the aftereffect to life. Published by Dark Horse, The Art of The Aftermost of Us Part 2 is accessible in two editions. The accepted archetype album is accessible to pre-order for $28 (was $40). A adorned choice archetype that appearance an alternating cover, slipcase, and absolute bite is accessible to pre-order for $81 (was $90). Both editions are 200 pages and will absolution June 13 as of this writing.

It’s account acquainted that the Choice Archetype has been discounted to as low as $54 at Amazon. If you pre-order from Amazon, you’ll get the everyman amount offered amid the time you abode your adjustment and back it ships.

The Aftermost of Us: American Dreams is a four-issue banana arc that absolutely debuted afore the aboriginal bold launched. It’s clearly a prequel and serves as a countdown to the aboriginal game. If you’re planning to epitomize The Aftermost of Us afore the aftereffect arrives, you shouldn’t absence out on American Dreams either. Written by Neil Druckmann and Faith Erin Hicks, American Dreams is a abundant prequel adventure that follows Ellie and her acquaintance Rebel. It’s adamantine to acquisition in book for a reasonable price, but the agenda adaptation accumulation all four issues is alone $4.49 at Comixology.

Last year, Naughty Dog opened up bound pre-orders for an absurd bronze of Ellie cartoon her bow. Alike with a whopping $180 price, the allocation of 500 bound awash out. Luckily for you, Naughty Dog has sculpted addition Ellie statue, this time assuming the charlatan captivation a machete. The $100 8-inch bronze is appreciably detailed. Unfortunately, it’s no best accessible for pre-order.

Dutch online book boutique Cook and Becker produces museum-worthy art prints adulatory admired video bold franchises. Given the agonizing atmosphere of The Aftermost of Us, it’s no abruptness Cook and Becker’s The Aftermost of Us Part II prints are stunning. The prints are starting to advertise out–only one of eight is still available–and already they’re gone, they won’t be reprinted. Prices alter from book to print, but they are about $100 unframed and arctic of $300 framed.

PlayStation Gear has official accoutrement for The Aftermost of Us Part 2, including two hoodies. You can accept amid a atramentous logo bodice hoodie for $50 and a gray zip-up hoodie for $60. Though both designs are rather plain, sometimes chaste is better.

Best Tattoo Artist In Raleigh NC, Tattoos Portfolio, Tattooed And ...

You accept added T-shirt options to accept from than hoodies. Our admired is the Ellie clear account tee ($23) apparent above, but we additionally absolutely like the blooming tee depicting Ellie walking anxiously through a backwoods ($23). Though The Aftermost of Us 2 focuses on Ellie, you can additionally grab a Joel T-shirt. Best of the accessible shirts are amid $23 and $30, but this simple atramentous logo tee is on auction for $10 appropriate now.

This 25-ounce baptize canteen appearance the aforementioned Ellie account apparent on our admired T-shirt. It’s fabricated of stainless animate and has a thermal architecture that will accumulate your drinks balmy or cool. The Ellie baptize canteen is currently on auction for $16 (was $35). If you appetite a beyond baptize bottle, there’s a 32-ounce logo canteen accessible for $33.

Stubbins plushies accept a distinct, bunched anatomy that makes them both beautiful and affectionate of weird. This clearly accountant Ellie costly is alone $13 and would apparently adore sitting abutting to you on the couch while you comedy The Aftermost of Us Part 2.