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It’s been alleged the Oscars of the architecture world. And this year, the anniversary Arthur Ross Awards for Arete in the Classical Attitude awarded Savannah-based artisan Bob Christian the top account in the Fine Art category.

NEW YORK - JULY 9, 9: Artists paint fully nude models of..To Christian, it punctuates decades of work.

“Any accomplishment that you’ve completed and accustomed absolute reviews and acknowledgment from is consistently rewarding,” said Christian. “However, the Arthur Ross Accolade in Fine Arts presented by the admired Classical Institute of Architecture and Art is conceivably the accomplished account any artisan can receive.”

The Arthur Ross Awards were created in 1982 to admit and bless arete in the classical tradition. From the beginning, they acquire accustomed the achievements and contributions of architects, painters, sculptors, artisans, mural designers, educators, publishers, patrons, and others committed to absorption and advancing the classical tradition.

Awardees are called anniversary year by a alternative board fabricated up of associates of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Board of Directors and acclaimed associates of accompanying professions.

For consideration, Christian submitted added than 80 photos with his anatomy of assignment alignment from all-embracing murals corrective on walls, beam and floors, as able-bodied as canvas, to hand-painted aboriginal accoutrement congenital by the artist.

Lynn Schockmel Body Art - Body Painting | Makeup | and more...Trained eye

Christian’s art career began added than 45 years ago. After accessory Atlanta College of Art, he accomplished beneath John Rosselli of John Rosselli Antiques in New York City. There, he was accomplished in the adorning arts. It was a anatomy he was alien with at the time, he said.

A few years later, in 1982, Christian relocated to Savannah with his wife, Julia, who is additionally an artist, and their three sons, to accessible Bob Christian Adorning Art Inc. on Taylor Street downtown.

Since that time, Christian begin his artful as his assignment began to mature.

“All artwork involves connected evolution,” said Christian. “It’s a crumbling process. The best you’ve corrective the added you apperceive and apprentice every day. As anon as you stop evolving you charge to stop painting.”

Assorted work - Body Painting Artist Riina LaineBob’s aesthetic abilities and congenital faculty of ascertainment acquire accustomed him to chase trends and styles over the accomplished four decades. As such, he has formed with some of the country’s best accomplished designers. Christian generally campaign nationally for commissions. He was afresh arrive into allegorical decorator Bunny Williams’ New York accommodation to actualize two murals — one flora-inspired and addition artful an Eastern tapestry.

Additionally, his assignment has been featured in abundant (if not all) civic home adornment and affairs publications and is in clandestine and accessible collections all over the country.

While aback in his Savannah studio, he continues to body one-of-a-kind creations for display. His flat is orderly. Acrylic brushes are neatly afraid in a line, bark and acrylic cans ample above. Pieces of appliance sit patiently in the bend cat-and-mouse for their bizarre pattern; an old armchair hangs from the ceiling.

Likewise, this absorption to detail and attention carries over into his art. His assignment is begin in the busy details. He is absolute with every bend of the besom achievement and is advised with anniversary creation.