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Funny Animal Christmas Images

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Gallery of Funny Animal Christmas Images

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AS a nation of beastly lovers, we asked our readers to allotment with us photos and belief about the pets in their family.

Funny Animals Christmas High Resolution Stock Photography andImgur  Christmas memes funny, Christmas animals, Christmas dogFunny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 4 Pics  Pet holidayMaybe you accept a accomplishment beastly that has fabricated a difference.

From the alien and unusual, to sofa-hogging bodies and dogs, whether it’s a funny photo, adventure or event, we appetite to apprehend from you.

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Here are some of our readers’ pets we’ve heard about so far.

Funny and heart-warming Christmas animal compilation

Ella Miller, from Darlington, beatific us a account of Lolly on her bed, who has been with the ancestors for one week. Lolly was rescued by the RSPCA and is adequate cuddles in her new home. She is 13 weeks old

Jackie Marriner, from Darlington, beatific us this abundant photograph of Shadow, who was rescued by the Dogs Trust Darlington, and who abutting Jackie in February. Shadow is three. Jackie said: “I absent my antecedent dog Buster afore Christmas. With lockdown, Shadow and I accept spent lots of time together, award out about anniversary added and we accept a appropriate bond. She has fabricated lots of accompany locally as she is so friendly. Because of her bendable attributes she has helped a little babe affected her abhorrence of dogs. If it wasn’t for Shadow activity in lockdown would accept been ten times worse. She has accustomed the ancestors so abundant amusement in such a abbreviate amplitude of time. Thank you Dogs Trust for giving me such a admirable gift”

Allyson Timm, from Darlington, has had Elsie for about a week. Elsie is a accomplishment beastly kitten, who had been abandoned, forth with her brother. Allyson said: “Elsie is actual antic and loves actuality nosey. She is consistently up to atrocity and bullies her new earlier brother and sister”

Susan Thornberry and her ancestors in Shildon adore the aggregation of their pet Hazel, who they accept had for three years and who is a Rhode Island Red. Hazel was reared from an egg by Susan’s babe and was the alone one to bear from a accumulation of six. Hazel is actual affable and abounding of character, she loves allowance (sometimes hindering) in the garden

Murray McLaren of Darlington beatific us this photo of algid out Kia, who is six years old and has been with the ancestors aback she was a kitten. Kia is a British Shorthair Calico. Murray said: “She is absolutely baby for her age, but she can still authority her own adjoin her big sister Tess who additionally lives with us. Kia brand her sleep. She will usually accept her breakfast again go aback to bed for the blow of the morning. Her favourite amusement is block collywobbles – and, of course, her mad bisected hour back she runs about the abode like crazy

Meet six-year-old Husky Aria, who is allotment of Rhonda Graeme’s ancestors in Seaton Carew. Aria decidedly enjoys snoozing