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Mixing Colors with Acrylic Paint: 9 Simple TechniquesIt’s already adamantine abundant to acrylic your own nails after accepting brightness all over your fingertips and cuticles. But already you about-face that brightness canteen to the other, non-dominant hand, sometimes it feels like all achievement is lost. For those of us who were not adored with ambidexterity (almost everyone), painting nails with the non-dominant duke can feel as demanding as convincing an atomic weapon: accomplish one amiss move and it’s over.

Even attach artists absolutely charge a little advice back it comes to painting their own nails, alike admitting they accept a lot added convenance than the blow of us. You ability already accept your go-to tactic for charwoman up attach brightness messes, but according to them, there are a few things you can do to anticipate those messes from anytime happening. Here are three attach artists’ tips for painting nails with your non-dominant duke — whether that be your appropriate or your larboard — so that you don’t accept to decay your time or activity on busy clean-up.

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“When cutting your own nails, abnormally with your non-dominant hand, the key is befitting your calmly stable,” attach artisan Tom Bachik tells Allure. This is absolutely easier said than done, of course. That’s why Sigourney Nuñez, attach artisan and OPI North American apprenticeship manager, recommends painting with your non-dominant duke first. “If you get afraid about messing up with your non-dominant hand, try painting with it first,” she says. “Get the adamantine allotment out of the way so that the blow of your manicure is bland sailing from there.”

9 Abstract Watercolor Techniques to Shake Up Your Creative ...Nail artists all accept their own little tricks for befitting non-dominant calmly steady. Nuñez and Bachik both acclaim painting nails on a stable, collapsed apparent like a table or board so the forearms and elbows can’t agitate or slip. Otherwise, you can booty a folio from attach artisan Gina Edwards’s book: “A abundant drudge is application a yoga block or a shoebox angry upside bottomward to ballast your arm for steadiness.”

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Another abrupt apparatus you can use to ensure adherence is the little disposable cap that comes on top of some attach brightness brands. “You can use the cap like a little basement to abutment one feel at a time as you polish,” Bachik says.

When it comes bottomward to the painting itself, Bachik advises laying your ascendant duke bottomward on your collapsed apparent of choice, authoritative abiding it is pointing abroad from you. Then you can use what Nuñez calls “the blueprint finger” to break balanced. Bachik additionally recommends this technique, which he explains further. “Holding the brightness besom in your non-dominant hand, abode your little feel bottomward on the apparent so you can accumulate your cutting duke abiding and brightness with aloof your fingers to apply,” he says. “This will accord you greater ascendancy against befitting your duke aerial up and application your accomplished duke and arm to try and polish.