How To Change Battery In Nissan Rogue Key Fob. Press it down into place; Be sure to check that your new battery matches with your old battery.

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Place the key in the ignition. You’ll see the electronics come on, but the car will not start. Key fob batteries typically last about two years before needing to be replaced.

Repeat Until You See The Hazard Lights Flash Twice, Which Indicates That Your Car Has Gone Into Program Mode.

Put back the slider and make sure that everything is properly locked. Turn the key to the “acc” position, then off and out of the ignition. Test new key fob battery:

Pop Out The Battery, Replace It With A New #2032 Battery (Positive Side Down), The Clip The Key.

Insert the key into the slot at the bottom of your nissan key fob and turn it gently to open the key fob housing. Unlock the emergency key by moving the slider and remove it. Exact instructions on how to remove and replace key fob batteries can be found in your owner's manual.

Place The Key In The Ignition.

The new battery will sit face down during replacement like the old one. 6 steps to change nissan key fob battery? You don’t need this key as part of the battery replacement process, but it does need to be out of the way.

In The Ignition, Insert The Key.

Gently snap together the two halves of the key fob housing. Press the brake, press the start button. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the battery, but remember its position.

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The back of the remote key fob will need to be removed in. Flip the key fob to reveal the backside. Quickly press any button on the nissan intelligent key.

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