How To Make Acrylic Keychains With Glowforge. Peel off the backing from the heat transfer material from the sparkleberry ink htv. Clear acrylic has unlimited uses and we are excited to make this beautiful keychain using the engrave feature.

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Flip the acrylic round over and remove any protective covering. Take a peak at what i'm currently working on. This will become the hole for your keychain.

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Custom portrait drawn in procreate In this project video i am going to show you how i make acrylic keychains with acrylic inlays using a glowforge laser printer.subscribe here: A circle will be inserted into your design;

Click And Drag The Circle, And Position It Above The Center Of Your Artwork.

Fine tune the trace if needed. This will become the hole for your keychain. Resize the circle the same way you did the artwork.

Glowforge Laser Cutters Turn Your Home Workshop Into A Profitable Business, Letting You Cut And Engrave Acrylic, Wood, And Other Materials To Make Your Own Custom Wares.

Keep your families, fur friends, & friends close with a custom keychain. Once you’ve set your glowforge up, though, you’ll need some designs to create. Acrylic keychains (or jewelry, or.).

Peel Off The Backing From The Heat Transfer Material From The Sparkleberry Ink Htv.

Place the handwriting into the glowforge machine and open the glowforge app at Drag a square around the handwriting. Flip the acrylic round over and remove any protective covering.

Next, I Tighten Up The Jump Ring And Move The Loop Of The Wires To Face Forward.

If you already own a glowforge or are. See more ideas about acrylic keychains, diy keychain, resin crafts. You need to put the acrylic in your heat press, press it, and remove it quickly to prevent.

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