How To Properly Use A Turkey Mouth Call. Best overall turkey mouth call. This way you won’t scare off any nearby turkeys that you can’t see with a loud call.

How to Use a Mouth Turkey Call Part 4 Clucking YouTube from

Learning how to use a turkey mouth call, or diaphragm call can be tough! There’s also a striker, which you use to make noise by rubbing it against the reed. Troy will get you started on yelping with a mouth call.

That Tape Can Be Trimmed And Shaped To Fit Your Mouth The Best.

Now put your tongue lightly against the reed or reeds. Some people run a box better with a vertical hold. The true double turkey call is from the piggy back series of turkey mouth calls that is a stacked frame call that has 1 thin prophylactic reed in each frame.

Rest The Call On Your Tongue And Press It To The Roof Of Your Mouth To Create A Seal With Your Palate.

Troy will get you started on yelping with a mouth call. To do this, place the mouth call in the correct position, on your tongue. Get you a few cheaper mouth calls and a pair of scissors and cut them and bend them until they fit and give.

There Are Three Parts To A Diaphragm Or Mouth Call:

The mouth call goes in tape end first and reed facing outward. The main part of the mouth call is the reed, which you hold between your lips. It should be placed in the middle of your tongue.

Now You Have Your Turkey Mouth Call Prepared, It Is Time To Put It In Your Mouth.

Once you’re able to produce consistent sound with a mouth call, begin working on the variations of calls that wild turkeys make, clucks, cuts and yelps, for. Beginner’s guide to how to use a mouth call for turkey hunting. Best primos turkey mouth call.

Best Overall Turkey Mouth Call.

You blow air across the latex reed (or reeds) to make turkey sounds. Lay a call in the palm of your hand, turn your hand perpendicular to the ground and scrape the lid up and down. In this video we go over 5 easy tips for learning how to blow a turkey mouth call.

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