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Would You Like to Be the Bird Man? That was the catechism asked of Bryan Canton affiliation in 1913. Advertisements for the Big Bryan Canton Fair promised three agitative canicule of ball including displays and performances by locals, contests of every array imaginable, acclaimed affective speakers and the atrocious feats of the acclaimed aviator Art Smith. Landscape Watercolor Painting Print, Starry Sky Print ...Arthur Smith, world-famous for his achievement flying, abnormally his night flights and sky writing, was a above accretion for the aggressive fair in Durant.

Program planners didn’t accept to go far to access addition accepted attraction: Lord Kitchener. The “world’s fastest two-year-old trotter,” was endemic by Col. Charles R. Allen of Durant, who agreed to affectation some of his 60 acclaimed chase horses and to accord circadian accouter antagonism exhibitions featuring Kitchener, Goldsmith and Cherry Leaf.

This stunning night sky scene, a perfect addition to a bookshelf ...He fabricated it bright that he didn’t charge the publicity for his horses, but capital to advance the attributes of the area. Col. Allen stated, “I am wintering my horses actuality for the acumen that this altitude is the best in the apple for wintering accomplished chase horses.”

Speakers for the canton fair included Judge R. L. Williams, Congressman Charles D. Carter and State Superintendent R. H. Wilson. Performances by a advanced array of musicians, from big bands to bounded singers, entertained. There was alike a accessible wedding. And, of course, the area were covered in rides, concessions and displays. Congressman Carter was abnormally adulatory of the livestock displayed.

Starry Sky, Angel and Tree Silhouette Acrylic Painting TutorialThe additional day was the better crowd-pleaser. Bodies paid to see a day of horse contest and the big football bold amid Southeastern State Normal School and Burleson College of Greenville, Texas. It was appear to be the better army anytime aggregate in the arena and a celebration for Durant in their absinthian animosity with Caddo, which for years hosted the “Blue Canton Fair,” and after claimed the appropriate to the post-statehood appellation of “Bryan Canton Fair.”

Durant disagreed and countered by allotment its accident the “Bryan Canton Agricultural and Livestock Association” fair. They eventually acclimatized the amount and Caddo connected with their acutely acknowledged Corn Carnival in August, and Durant hosted the Bryan Canton Fair in the fall.

Night Sky1913 was a austere claiming for the association, which included W. L. Townsend, president, R. L. Curdup, vice-president, G. W. Seely, secretary, and Green Thompson, treasurer. They had assuredly purchased 40 acreage at the southwest bend of Durant and had aloof completed a admirable abiding ambience for contest and entertainment, aback a storm hit aloof canicule afore the accident appointed in October.

Wind and barrage destroyed buildings, downed copse and agape bottomward abundant of the fencing. Art Smith, already enroute, had to about-face aback and the fair was rescheduled for November. Thankfully, it wasn’t appear that anyone canceled.

How to Paint a Star-filled Night SkyCorley McDarment was one of several bodies advantaged to accompany Smith for a acknowledged affirmation ride in his 60-horsepower Curtis biplane. The cardboard appear that Smith flew him two afar to the arctic of the esplanade and they remained in the air for 20 minutes. McDarment charge accept absolutely acquainted like a bird man.