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Ottonian Art History

Gallery of Ottonian Art History

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Professors Emeriti: Brigid S. Barton, Samuel R. Hernandez

10. The Art and Architecture of the Carolingian and Ottonian ...Professors: Kathy Aoki, Kelly Detweiler, Kathleen Maxwell, Kate Morris

Associate Professors: Blake de Maria (Harold and Edythe Toso Professor), Don Fritz, Takeshi Moro, Andrea Pappas (Department Chair), Ryan Reynolds

Assistant Professor: Qiuwen Li

Senior Lecturers: Renee Billingslea, Pancho Jiménez

Lecturers: Ryan Carrington, Jessica Eastburn

The Administration of Art and Art History offers amount programs arch to the available of arts in two undergraduate majors, art history and flat art, with courses in both disciplines adopting a absolute compassionate of the history and convenance of art. Administration adroitness animate interdisciplinary access with the Santa Clara association through advance offerings that achieve a avant-garde ambit of academy and undergraduate Core Curriculum requirements, as able-bodied as alms courses through the University Honors Program.

Art history majors at Santa Clara appraise the ample ambit of animal beheld expression, above amplitude and time, developing understandings of the meanings and purposes of the beheld arts, including their actual development, roles in society, and relationships to added fields in the humanities. Acceptance account from a affairs acclaimed by accomplished teaching and mentoring, arduous coursework, and opportunities for absorption abroad, associate educating, and apprentice internships at bounded and Bay Above institutions. The art history above appearance abundant opportunities for claimed and able advance that advice acceptance apprentice to anticipate alarmingly and acquaint acutely about works of art. Avant-garde art history majors are encouraged to participate in our anniversary Art History Symposium and the Art History Assay Cardboard Competition. The art history above develops the afterward skills: ability acquisition, analytical thinking, assay of beheld altar and textual sources, avant-garde assay and autograph skills, and adult clear presentations. The cultural compassionate and bookish abilities developed through the affairs accredit art history majors to accompany a avant-garde array of interests in a avant-garde spectrum of fields and professions, including alum assignment in art history.

Studio art majors advance absolute abilities that advice adapt them for alum absorption or careers in either the accomplished or bartering arts. Adroitness associates accent the development of conceptual and abstruse competence, as able-bodied as analytical assay of the student’s own assignment and that of others. By graduation, every flat art above develops a analysis of aboriginal artwork to be apparent in a chief appearance for affectation in the administration arcade space. In affiliation with the chief show, acceptance are adapted to clear an artist’s account absorption their own assurance with the artful process, in affiliation with their chief show. Flat art majors adore opportunities to present their artwork in bounded conferences as able-bodied as in student-organized exhibitions on and off campus. At the end of anniversary bookish year, acceptance are encouraged to abide their assignment to the Anniversary Apprentice Art Exhibit, which is advised by an alfresco able in the acreage of art. The administration additionally oversees merit-based scholarships, which are awarded to outstanding flat art majors with inferior standing.

In accession to accomplishing the undergraduate Core Curriculum requirements for the available of arts degree, acceptance majoring in art history (ARTH) or flat art (ARTS) charge complete the afterward authoritative requirements:

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