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Painting of Night

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Night Sky by Karen HarrisBEAUTY OF NIGHT - oil painting on canvasNIGHT SKY PAINTINGS « Paintings For web search  Night skyHow to Paint a Star-filled Night Sky

A composed Gerald Dye took the angle in Connor Kerner’s annihilation balloon Tuesday, calmly anecdotic the painting and cleanup that took abode in his barn while he was on vacation and his own assignment to application a damaged atom in the bank at the arena of the declared annihilation of two Lake County teens.

Night Sky by Karen HarrisHow to Paint a Star-filled Night SkyBEAUTY OF NIGHT — oil painting on canvas

Dye told a board in Porter Superior Cloister Judge Roger Bradford’s attorneys that he and his wife, Christine, went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a few canicule in backward February 2019 to appointment their adolescent daughter. They alternate backward the afternoon of Feb. 26.

“I noticed that my 9mm (semi-automatic handgun) was gone and as the canicule went by, I noticed there was a lot of painting in the garage, touch-up painting,” Dye said.

Thomas Grill, 18, of Cedar Lake and Molley Lanham, 19, of St. John. (Provided by St. John Police)

Kerner, 19, of the 100 block of Kinsale, has pleaded not accusable and charcoal in Porter County Jail afterwards bond, captivated on two counts of annihilation and added abomination counts of intimidation, arson, annihilation in the perpetration of a robbery and attempted robbery.

NIGHT SKY PAINTINGS « Paintings For web search  Night sky

Kerner was 17 back he allegedly dead Molley Lanham, 19, of St. John, and Thomas Grill, 18, of Cedar Lake, on Feb. 25, 2019, at his grandparents’ Hebron-area home afterwards a biologic accord went bad, afresh loaded their bodies into the Honda Civic they accustomed in and set blaze to the agent in a abounding breadth a brace afar away.

Members of Grill’s and Lanham’s families appeared in cloister cutting face masks abstract with their admired ones’ names.

Dye, who readily articular his grandson, sometimes glanced over at the boyhood during his testimony; Kerner appeared to attending down

Dye told the cloister he noticed ammo holes in the bench of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and in the bonanza of his Honda CRV, both larboard in the barn back he and his wife went out of town.

He spotted accident to the wall, by a handrailing for stairs that led into the abode from the garage.

“We let it go until Christine said, ‘Let’s get that patched,’ so on Saturday morning, March 2, I patched the bank and that’s the way the bank looked afterwards I patched it,” he said of a account of the breadth presented by Chief Deputy Prosecutor Armando Salinas.

Dye said beneath analytic from Salinas and James Voyles, one of Kerner’s aegis attorneys, that he saw no affirmation of claret on the walls or doors of the garage, or central his home.

The night he alternate home from vacation and noticed his gun was missing, Dye said he alleged Kerner to see if he had it and went to Kerner’s home to retrieve it.

“I asked him why he had the gun and he said he was activity to do some ambition convenance and I said, ‘I’m activity to booty it home,” Dye said, abacus the gun was not in its case back he best it up.

Kerner, Dye said, after explained that the gun had misfired and he approved to application the bank by the guardrail but didn’t do a actual acceptable job.

Dye said it was abnormal for Kerner to booty the gun afterwards him for ambition practice, article they had alone done calm a scattering of times in the past, and explained the gun does not accept a safety.

“I accept it’s accessible to accept a abort with addition who’s not accustomed with the gun,” Dye said.