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Sargent Art Tempera Paint

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Gallery of Sargent Art Tempera Paint

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There are abounding uses for a acceptable acrylic container, from autumn acrylic to alteration it to distributing acrylic to a group. Accessible in a array of sizes and designs, these baby holders will advice you abate decay and accumulate accessible paints fresh, extenuative you money in the continued run. They additionally bifold as acrylic pots you can use to mix colors; back you’re done application your blend, aloof breeze a lid on and cleanup is complete. Our picks will advice you accept which cast is best for your artistic process. 

Tempera Paint | Sargent ArtThis multipack of artificial cups is advised for adolescent children, but we anticipate they are able-bodied ill-fitted for artists of all ages who charge to authority and abundance acrylic safely. Each 12-ounce cup appearance a acute bond of two lids: a carry top that screws on, with an aperture for dipping brushes, and one that snaps on top of it back you’re done painting. And as continued as you advance acrylic levels beneath the cup’s ample line, the architecture will anticipate adventitious spills and leaks. It additionally finer keeps the alembic airtight, so you can calmly biking with these cups or abundance them for months—they’ll accumulate acrylic beginning until your abutting session.

Sargent ArtTime Washable Tempera Paint

Each of these bright artificial cups appearance two wells, authoritative this advantage ideal for artists who appetite to bifold the cardinal of colors at the accessible while abbreviation ataxia on their alive surface. The cup affiliate (which cannot be removed) allows you to brace colors while befitting them separate, which can advice you administer blush combinations. This architecture is additionally advantageous for classrooms or added accumulation settings in which paints are actuality shared. Colorations’ cups are abate than Melissa & Doug’s—each able-bodied holds four ounces of liquid—but they too affection lids with holes for paintbrushes and a top that snaps on deeply to bouncer adjoin spillage.

Sargent Art 8-8, 8 Colors 8 oz Metallic Tempera Paint Set, 8 Piece

Sargent’s cups are awash by the dozen, which makes this an economical aces for artists who assignment with abounding colors. Each cup includes an close carry top and a top lid, as able-bodied as a ample band to announce how abundant acrylic you can cascade in and still abstain spillage should the cup tip over. The acme and threading, however, are not as athletic as those of our added picks, so these cups are not the best anxiously spill- or leak-proof. But for artists who charge concise acrylic storage, this is a basic artefact you can calmly fill, clean, and reuse.

Sargent Art Gallon Tempera Paints, Assorted 8 Count

Painters who await on a lot of colors ability appetite to accede these tiny artificial jars, which are accessible in a 30-pack of 1-ounce containers or a 40-pack of 0.5-ounce containers. Their diminutive admeasurement makes them ideal for extenuative baby amounts of extra acrylic or for abstracts with bond colors. Each appearance a bendable artificial lid that ancestor on and off with ease. This is not a super-secure seal, but the jars do accommodate quick and frustration-free admission to paints as able-bodied as a simple band-aid for concise storage.

Sargent Art Time 8oz

These 12-packs of bright artificial jars appear in a array of sizes, with the better affectionate able to authority up to 10-ounces. With closed seals, these containers are leak-proof and advised for ultimate protection. They additionally accept sturdy, blubbery walls that abide accident if alone or contrarily impacted. Use these jars over and over afresh for all your accumulator needs.