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Art House Productions is captivated to advertise the champ and atonement mentions for their aboriginal Visual Art Antagonism sponsored by Mack-Cali Realty/Harborside JC: “Pressing Pause: Living Life While Staying Put”. The champ is “An Bulletproof Summer” by Karen Abada. Atonement mentions accommodate “Zoom with Friends” by Donna O’ Grady, “The Opposite of Confinement” by Dorie Dahlberg, and “Organisims l” by Robert Burger. The champ was called from 170 works of art from a absolute of 74 New Jersey Artists based on creativity, aesthetic excellence, and appliance to the theme.

The alternative console included Andrea McKenna, Artisan and Art House Gallery Director; Loura van der Meule, Artist; Miguel Cardenas, Artisan and Arts Educator, and Cheryl Mack, Owner and Administrator of Bridge Art Gallery.

The acceptable allotment is “An Bulletproof Summer” by Karen Abada. Karen is an artisan and freelance Artistic Administrator from Montclair, NJ. She says, “I created this painting to accurate the achievement that our aggregate adventure will advance us out of this daydream into bigger times. The appellation comes from a band in an article by Albert Camus, who additionally wrote The Plague: “In the abyss of winter, I assuredly abstruse that there was aural me an bulletproof summer.”

Karen Abada will be awarded a $500 banknote prize, her assignment will be featured on the Art House Productions’ website and amusing media for one month, and the acceptable allotment will be displayed as allotment of Art House’s accumulation appearance for the 30th Annual JCAST in October 2020.

“‘An Bulletproof Summer’ speaks of healing and hope. It resonates a activity of abandon during a time aback we feel like we accept none. We dream of bigger days, we bethink of what we had and attending to the approaching for what will be.” says Andrea McKenna, the Art House Gallery director.

Texas Visual Arts Association 8 High School Art Competition ...“As a aboriginal time juror in an art competition, I begin that it wasn’t accessible to baddest a champ but, at the aforementioned time, I was captivated to see so abundant acceptable art from artists I did not know,” says panelist Loura van der Meule.

“It was a amusement to accept acted as one of the judges. Seeing all the amazing entries gave me a faculty of connection, a glimpse of achievement and the time to contemplate on how our artistic association is responding to and cogent the faculty of accommodated abreast we are all collectively activity during this ‘pause,'” says panelist Miguel Cardenas.

The Atonement mentions are:

“Zoom with Friends” by Donna O’ Grady

Donna was built-in in Jersey City, currently resides in Hoboken and has her flat in the

APH InSights — Art Competition for Artists Who Are Visually ...Neumann Leather Building.

“The Opposite of Confinement” by Dorie Dahlberg

Dorie currently resides in Long Branch beneath than a mile from the beachfront. At present, Dorie is the co-president of Pro Arts Jersey City, an all-volunteer artist-run organization. In the abatement of 2019, Dorie became an accessory assistant in the art administration of New Jersey City University, Jersey City NJ.

“Organisims l” by Robert Burger