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– Funny Face has beatific a admirable bulletin to his ambrosial accompanying daughters

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– The amateur adumbrated that he was anon activity to accumulate with them and assured them that he was a acceptable dad

– Funny Face has been afar from his accouchement for some months now afterwards their mother took them away

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Award-winning Ghanaian comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, has acclaimed his ambrosial accompanying daughters Ella and Bella with a affecting video, some photos and affecting words.

The Kasoa Trotro amateur took to Instagram to acclaim his daughters and encouraged himself of a alliance with them soon.

4 Most Funniest Weird Face Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

He adumbrated that he was accommodating to lay bottomward his activity for his daughters and that alike admitting the were little, he was abiding of accomplishing annihilation for them.

Funny Face. Source: Instagram (modified by author)Source: UGC

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The amateur went to add that activity has about not been accessible for him after his ambrosial array of joy by his side.

Funny Face said it was the plan of his enemies to see him balked and depressed but he was not activity to acquiesce that to appear because of his daughters.

The actor-turned-musician went on to column a bequest video of himself accepting fun with his daughters as he adumbrated that they were absent dearly.

He afresh went on to add that in no time, he would see them afresh and they would apperceive that they accept the best dad on earth.

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According to Funny Face, alike admitting he was still befitting strong, he was actual affecting and was activity to abide a actual caring dad to them.

Many admirers and followers of the amateur took to the animadversion area to animate him to abide able and adumbrated that the girls looked so abundant like him.

Meanwhile, Instagram socialite and video vixen, Pamela Watara, has assuredly apparent the face of the man in her activity and she has accurate that he belongs to alone her.

In a video sighted by on Instagram, Pamela was apparent with the man, whose name is yet to be known, as they sat in what appeared like a garden.

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The adolescent man was apparent continuing abaft the extra and archetypal and gave her alternate pecks on her cheeks.

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